Monday, 28 December 2015

Variations on a Theme.

 I wasn't at all happy with the moulding paste work from yesterday, so today I decided to combine the lino plate with stamps that I had made some time ago from Soft Cut.
 Although I was reasonably happy with the results, I can see that I will have to remove some more lino from around the central flowers, the gouges are a bit too obvious.
 I don't want to remove them entirely, as I think that they add some texture, but I need to tidy them up a bit.
             Here I have only applied the large lino cut to the lower two thirds of the gelatine plate.
 Some of these neutral coloured ones might be interesting inverted in Photoshop, or otherwise 'enhanced'.
                                                  I think that this one is the most successful.
                                      The stamps that I carved some time ago and used today.

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