Thursday, 13 August 2015

St. Petersburg.

Having every good intention to keep up with my Blog while travelling, I didn't get past the first day's posting! This will therefore be a retrospective Blog. After checking into our hotel, The Petro Palace we went for a short walk to get our bearings, and came across St. Isaac's Cathedral just around the corner. No time to go inside just yet however. (You can click on any photo to enlarge the image.)

 The very imposing Admiralty Building was not far away either, and I zoomed in with my camera to see what was on top of the spire.
                                                                   A ship of course!

 The next morning on our way to the Hermitage Museum we were shown this fa├žade by our guide. Very impressive!
      This is the huge plaza outside the museum with it's commemorative column in the middle.
 The Hermitage Museum or Winter Palace, taken early one morning before the crowds and buses appeared.
Can you see the queue on the right hand side stretching right across the plaza?  As we had a local guide we didn't have to join such a long queue, in fact we were probably only 10th in line in our particular queue.

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Mary said...

We currently have an exhibition of Catherine the Great, from the Hermitage, here in Melbourne. Must go to see it. But it won't have the same atmosphere! Hope the trip is wonderful.