Sunday, 23 August 2015

A Break from Travel Photos.

 I wanted to actually do something with the Solar Fast grass prints that I made on cotton last summer.
The colour is Sepia and the original cotton was plain white, so I have various shades of sepia and cream.
 I started cutting up some other sun prints, thinking that the turquoise would be a nice contrast to the sepia, but it was too stark and drew the eye away from the grass prints.
 Hmmm, getting better I think. I cut the flowers out of many different prints, trying to get some nice patterns, especially ones with a circular look.
   Maybe a blue butterfly to draw the eye to the top of the picture and into the grass seed heads.
                   Now the flowers need to be stitched on and some centres added I think.

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Gill said...

Ha! I was just getting settled into our journey, Sue!
This is interesting too, though ;-)