Thursday, 18 June 2015

Polymer Clay Beads.

 These necklaces were all made a year or so ago. The only reason for showing them now is, that I have been asked to give a little demonstration of how to make beads like this at a retreat that I'm going on next week with 6 creative friends.
 I nearly always combine my hand made beads with commercial ones as in here above, spacing the bigger patterned beads.
 I don't always varnish the beads, but the 2 shown here in detail have been varnished. I think that the black looks better when it is shiny rather than matt.
 Another use for the commercial beads is to make a longer necklace if there aren't many of the patterned hand made ones.
           This example above used slightly bigger and, 'more of a statement' commercial beads.
                             I've never actually worn these 3 above, but I might one day!


Mary said...

Lovely! You have so many strings to your bow. Lucky friends to be having such a great thing to play with.

mycamerandme365 said...

Thank you Mary!