Thursday, 26 February 2015


 After about 10 pulls of the print from the tree lino-cut, I was disappointed in the lack of texture I was getting. I had made lots of tiny marks along the branches, but the printing ink blocked them all. Then with a slightly dryer roller, I managed to get one print with some great texture.
                                 Now to get the solid border to print properly, so far so good.


Mary said...

I like the image, it reminds me of Sleepy Hollow, or similar stories with frightening forests.
I haven't got used to lino cutting and how much texture you get, it always seems wrong to me. But then I see what other people are achieving and realise that the texture is part of the technique and that I never notice it in other people's work.
Maybe I will be inspired to do a bit more lino printing soon. Thanks.

mycamerandme365 said...

All those lino cut marks outside the image do look odd I agree, but with this very thin synthetic lino that I'm using it's unavoidable. As you say however, it's part of the technique. I would probably get less if I used a proper printing press rather than just pressing with my hands.