Saturday, 3 January 2015

Another very Hot Day.

 With the temperature around 40°C today, I was happy to spend the day experimenting again with sun printing, even though I had to go outside constantly to put items into the sun and to retrieve them again. You can see the negative for this one above in yesterday's post.
 It's amazing what detail can be obtained from a negative of grasses. Lots of play possibilities here.
Anyone following this blog might recognise an image that I made sometime last year just for fun.
The butterflies are all photographs of actual butterflies that I have in a long-ago-butterfly collection and I made a fun printer's tray of images with the photos, then made a negative and then sun printed it today. It's not quite what I was aiming for, a sort of cyanotype, but again it's amazing what detail can be obtained.


Mary said...

Perfect weather for sun printing. They would be dry almost as soon as you put them out. How did you cope with the very strong winds?

mycamerandme365 said...

Hi Mary, I had them all under heavy plate glass.

Mary said...

I have kept one piece of glass from out renovations, I think it was from the shower that got taken out, so maybe I should try that too. My last attempt wasn't too successful but I'll do something different this time. It is certainly the weather for it, unless the promised heavy rain really does eventuate.