Sunday, 9 November 2014

Not Sure About These.

 The photos that I printed onto fabric have been backed with Vilene then stitched randomly over the front with toning plain or variegated thread.
I added a backing of hand dyed toning fabric and satin stitched the edges. Although the edges look uneven and wavy in the photos, they are actually straight edges. Now, do I add a beaded tassel, a plain tassel or not tassel at all?


Mary said...

This is the sort of thing I am no good at! I love making the fabric but can never decide what to do with it. And even when I do classes, I always wish they would devote a part of the session to how to finish if off or present it. So no advice from me, but they are beautiful.

mycamerandme365 said...

Thanks Mary, I'm glad that you like them. I wish now that I had made the ends come to a point, as it would be better for a tassel or whatever, but I guess it would have been hard to get the satin stitching even on a point.