Sunday, 12 October 2014

Sunny Day!

Today was a very sunny day, in fact too sunny and hot, as the prints developed much faster than I expected. Where the instructions suggested up to 24 minutes exposure I found that 5 minutes was about enough.
   These are 2 variations of the same negative, obviously the one on the left has more detail.
Ooops, I just realised that they aren't from the identical negative after all, but variations on a theme!


 The next 2 are also the reverse of the same negative.
The lower one has more detail, but the one to the left is also quite interesting. As I intend only using parts of each sun print, I have plenty to go on with just these 4, quite apart from all the others that I printed today.


Mary said...

ARe the bottom two from the previous post, where you were playing with making negatives? If not, they remind me of insects too. Love them.

mycamerandme365 said...

Thanks Mary! Yes, they are negatives from a design that I made combining 4 bits of a photo.
They do look rather like insects I agree. It's addictive this negative making!