Sunday, 24 June 2018

From Star to Bag.

 This is what I ended up making from the abandoned patchwork star that I posted a couple of days ago. I added some fabric to the bottom of the bag which I also used for the handles, and I lined it with some pale peachy orange cotton that I also had on hand. The buttons on the handles are for decoration, but also add to the strength of the handles when the bag is used.
I'm not sure if the items made go back to the person who handed in the UFO, or whether the final makers keep the end product. Either way, it will be a useful tote bag for one of us I hope!

Friday, 22 June 2018

New Challenge.

A group of women who meet once a month decided to have a bit of fun with our Un Finished Objects, UFOs.
We each put a UFO into a paper bag on the table and chose one other than our own to take home to finish, or to make into something entirely different. This is what I found in the paper bag that I took, a beautifully made patchwork star. We aren't supposed to know whose UFOs are whose, but seeing these colours of orange and green, I can make an educated guess!

Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Reverse Applique.

 I was given a few pieces of highly patterned stretch velvet, although I had no idea of what to use them for. With an exhibition looming that has Art Deco in the title I thought that I might work on a design from that era. At my first attempt, the velvet and the layer underneath, also stretch velvet, just moved and stretched all over the place. Eventually I stabilised each layer and working from the back I narrow satin stitched my design.
 On the front I cut out the elements of the design, revealing the variegated layer underneath. Here I'm part way through cutting out the design, very carefully so as not to cut through all the layers.
All done, or at least the first part of the piece, although I'm not quite sure where I'm going with it next!

Wednesday, 13 June 2018

More Collagraph Printing.

 Using the plate that I made with local weeds in flower, I tried it out on two different types of paper.
The one above is on proper printing paper in a lovely creamy yellow colour. The dark patch in the middle is a little over inked, or under cleaned, so I'm not entirely happy with this print.
This one is on a piece of Watercolour paper that is a bright white in colour. There is more definition in the foliage, and plenty of contrast with lights and darks,  so it might be the best one. I do like the cream paper better though!

Sunday, 10 June 2018

Further Collagraph Printing

 I made these plates a little while ago, but because of the time needed for setting up of the equipment, the rubbing back and actual printing, I haven't had time until today. Above is a 2 colour print which is moderately successful, given that I printed the whole plate in one go, rather than the colours separately.
                                                  The same plate printed in monochrome.
This is the better part of another larger late that definitely didn't work well. The ink was still too thick in some places and rather smudgy in others. It really is a demanding process that I haven't as yet even begun to master!

Saturday, 9 June 2018

Gelatine Plate Prints.

 Having managed to break my new gelatine plate in half as I took it out of the tin, I had to microwave all the cut up pieces and reset it. It shouldn't have broken with glycerine and isopropyl alcohol in it, but it did. I managed to do a few prints this afternoon, none that I'm really thrilled by, but I might cut them up anyway. Above is just a local weed that I pressed flat a couple of months ago.
 Leaves and stems creeper of  with small leaves that I pressed before it dropped it's leaves for Autumn.
                            I'm not sure what these pressed leaves are, a Bottlebrush perhaps.
A Japanese Maple variety with lovely fine leaves. I really like these leaves and will probably use them again.

Tuesday, 5 June 2018

The gelatine Plate.

 I made up my old gelatine plate a long time ago, maybe more than a year ago, so it wasn't surprising that it started to become less than a good printing surface. Although these signs of mould were on the underneath of the plate, it wasn't long before the upper surface started to go dark brown and to be too dry to use for gelatine prints.
 I just left it in the tin while I went on to something else, and it eventually dried out completely, resulting in this plate of hard brittle gelatine with the remnants of pain still in it.
 I'm sure that I could have broken it up, added water and warmed to useable consistency again, but rather than waste time, I made up a lovely new plate instead.

Here is the new plate poured into the old tin that I scrubbed up for re-use. There are a couple of pin prick faults in it, but I'm sure that it'll be fine for the sorts of printed backgrounds that I want to make. At 21 cm x 30 cm it's a lot bigger than the commercial Gel plates, that is if you don't want to spend a fortune on a large plate..

Monday, 4 June 2018

All Gone!

This is all that remains of the first 3 raised and covered vegetable garden beds that have been removed. All that soil looks good, but it is dry, sandy and thick with roots from the trees that you can see in the background, especially from the Rubber tree on the left which started out as an indoor pot plant! There are another 3 beds to be dismantled, with another one already gone in another part of the garden.