Tuesday, 22 September 2020

Morning Walk.

You just never know what you'll see when out walking for the legal 2 hours of exercise a day. Some enterprising person has stuffed these old jeans into a standing position and put small pots of flowers into the tops. Aren't they a lot of fun
It would seem that a cheeky possum has taken over the chosen nesting spot of this Rainbow Lorikeet.
                                 Here a pair of Rainbow Lorikeets are 'chatting' in another tree.
                                            Next a couple of striking looking Protea flowers.


Thursday, 17 September 2020

Just Playing Around.

I recently bought some rubber cog and gear stamps, so to try them out I stamped this page in my sketch book, just for fun. I added several other stamped images and either stamped or added to them with orange ink. However I do feel as though I should only use my own carved stamps in art work, but these cogs and gears are really too intricate for my carving skills unfortunately.

Wednesday, 16 September 2020

More Flowers.

I must admit that the flowers extending beyond the margin here is an attempt to make a mistake took intentional! The lower right stamped flower just went over the margin accidentally, so the other 2 were then stamped a little further over the margin as well. That meant that in order to make the piece the required 20cm x 20 cm, I had to make those 2 margins wider than the other 2, OR I could start the print all over again. Perhaps I'll leave it as it is.
This is the final version of this piece, with the flowers and leaves painted in watercolour. The colours in this photo are a bit pale, it's actually a lot brighter than this.

Sunday, 13 September 2020

A Bit of a Problem

Having painted all the colours of the flowers in the correct positions with careful lining up of the stencils, I discovered that the first screen print over the colours was pretty good. Unfortunately I chose the one copy where the flowers were bit high up on the picture plane for the first print, because it was all down hill after that! I'll probably hand colour the stems and leaves with a soft marker pen before declaring it finished.
I found that after the first screen print was done, the screen was so covered in black ink that I couldn't see the underlying paint to line it up properly, hence results like the one above! I would have to clean the screen after every pass if I wanted to line it all up perfectly. I can't just measure the paper and line up the screen, as each series of coloured 'blobs' is in a different place on the paper.  Silly me! Still, I only need one copy for this particular show, so even though it's not ideally placed, the one above will have to do.

Friday, 11 September 2020

Wonderful Patterns.

A walk in the park with the dog this morning was rewarded by a very happy dog, but also photos of some astonishingly patterned toadstools.
I suppose the white marks are from the top of the toadstool cracking, but I need to return to the park to take a few more photos, close ups this time.
Maybe I'll get there tomorrow, weather permitting. I do hope that it doesn't rain over night and turn the toadstool to mush!

My Mornin Walk.

Someone has a bit of imagination! How about these flower filled jeans up against a sunny wall?

There are various dragons on the ridges of old houses in my local area, but this one particularly caught my eye with it's belligerent expression. For some reason it looks to be a young dragon, so perhaps it's just scared up there on the roof. I love it's lichen covered scaly tail too.

Wednesday, 9 September 2020

Next Steps.

  By carefully lining up the previously burnt screen, I stenciled in the colours of the various flowers and the leaves in what I thought were the correct positions.
                       Here I've added the final flowers  all ready to overlay with the screen. Below is a print of the screen on it's own and I'm quite pleased with how it looks.
 Just for fun I hand coloured in the various flowers with alcohol inks, but the purples are all wrong, as
the colour on the ends of the pens do not reflect the actual colours of the inks!

Monday, 7 September 2020

Steps 1 and 2.

 Above is a selection of printed backgrounds for the new project. There were done on a gelatin plate with a piece of textured wallpaper that I had stuck to cardboard and sealed with shellac.
 The next step was to stencil the poppies, but looking at them here I can see that colours aren't much like the ones my original photo, but who is to know that, and does it really matter?
I wanted the colours to be pretty opaque, so that the background didn't show through, but as the final key stencil will be over the top of all the painting I don't think that a bit of show through texture will matter at all.