Friday, 18 August 2017

Another Version.

 I decided to use my Curlew Sandpiper stamps for another project, and after printing the background and using the carved water stamps and two of the bird stamps, I realised that I had an old frame that was just the right colour and size for this new work
 Although I intend stitching on this piece, I fitted it into the frame to check the size and colour, perfect!
Here I've started stitching, just a simple running stitch to emphasise the water and to delineate the birds. As the bird stamps are just outlines, the water and sand was visible where the wing pattern isn't, so I  painted the bird bodies with white fabric paint.

Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Another Step Further.

 Although I haven't as yet received the 'official paper' for the project, I've mocked up more or less what my final print will be on plain copy paper. Here I've cut out the bird stamps with just a tiny margin around each one.
 I've placed each one where I want the stamp to go and sprayed an iridescent grey onto the paper using the cut out shapes as a resist.
 The paper showing the white resisted shapes where I want the stamps to go, if I can line them up accurately that is!
                                I've added my carved water stamps prior to adding the birds.
The birds are more or less accurately placed within the white spaces, although I need to cut away a bit more rubber for a more accurate placement in the final piece.

Monday, 14 August 2017


It takes quite a bit of skill to get the ice-cream onto the spoon as it's slipping around on the top of the jelly!

Sunday, 13 August 2017

Curlew Sandpiper Project.

                  After carving one more much smaller bird, I declare all elements to be done!
                                         Here are the 3 bird stamps plus the 3 for the water.
                   I have a lot more in mind to do for this piece of work, but so far so good.

Saturday, 12 August 2017

Very Strange Fruit!

                   I found a very odd lemon on the tree this morning, a totally weird formation!

Thursday, 10 August 2017

Another Little Bird.

 I needed another bird in the series to make a total of three, and as this one is to go in the background, I needed it to be smaller than the other two. I also carved it facing the other way for yet more variation.
                                                  All carved and ready for the test print.
                                                A few adjustments needed here I think!

Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Another Bird Stamp.

 I need another couple of bird stamps for my Shorebird project, so here is the starting point for bird No. 2
                   Those narrow feet are always problematic, as is the sharp pointy beak.
                                                          Ready for the first test print.

                                                     Not much tidying up to do at all!

Monday, 7 August 2017

Flower for July.

 While up in Brisbane in July I spotted a large Poinsettia in flower in a park. It's ideal for the series of flowers that I have been working on this year, so the Poinsettia is my flower, or group of flowers, for July.
 I've ironed an old leaf patterned scarf onto the A5 sized piece of heavy stiffened Vilene and after cutting out several leaves from another piece of cotton fabric I ironed them into place and satin stitched around them all, adding a central vein.
 I decided not to cut out each petal (not petals really, but coloured leaves) separately, but to cut several at once and stitch the outlines to designate the separate petals. I've used 2 different reds for variation and to reflect the different light falling on the flower head.
 The central small petals (leaves) aren't really pink, but the light in the original photo suggested a paler colour and I had some polished cotton with both the red and a pink in it, and I like the effect.
     The centre of the original flower is more open than this, but I've used artistic license again and then I machine embroidered the actual small yellow flowers.
The backing and the label are now on and I've finished it all off with a border of satin stitch and  indicated some veins with light reddish textile markers.