Monday, 11 February 2019


 This was the first print from the stamp that I showed previously. The underarm gouge is very evident even though I attempted to fill it in with a small piece of rubber. The surface was not even enough for the ink to take properly at all.
In this one I cheated and filled the gap in with a paint brush and printing ink, but the ink was a bit thick for the rest of the body, so that most of the fine markings have been lost. I can go back and work into them a little more so that they show up better, and I also need to even out the carving of the hair. I wonder if it's worth persevering!


Gill said...

Sue, the answer is surely "yes!" You've done a great job there - ok, I know YOU know where the gouge is, but really, the curves and shapes are so well formed. Don't give up!!

mycamerandme365 said...

Thank you Gill, I will have another attempt at printing after all!