Saturday, 26 May 2018

New Collagraph Plates.

 Now that these 3 plates are sealed with shellac and nice and dry, I can't wait to make prints from them. This one above is a collection of weed seed heads gathered from an unkempt nature strip outside a building site. I pressed them flat for a couple of weeks and then glued them in place on the mount board with some added coarse saw dust for texture at the lower front. They have had  several coats of shellac and the back of the board has also been sealed.
 This one has been partially finished for some months, with the background hills, saw dust vegetation and gauze in front of the hills. It never looked quite right, so now I've glued some tall weed flower heads and some fibrous bits of gum tree bark in the foreground. Again the weed flowers had been pressed flat for some months and the bark was very dry.
This is another old plate that I have added to as I didn't like the earlier version. I had a mental image of a water feature in the middle front area with rocks around it, but it didn't print very convincingly, so now I've added some small flower heads and some coarse saw dust. All I need now is time to have a printing session!


catmint said...

I love these, Sue!

Margaret Roberts said...

These are going to turn out really well. Maybe if I use something a little heavier than paper I might get better results with my collographs. I must have a go. What sort of printing press have you got Sue?

mycamerandme365 said...

Thank you Sue & Mags!

I can use the big presses at the print studio, but I prefer to use my little XCutXPress. That's why the plates are long and thin as it can only print 21 cm in width, but the length is almost unlimited.