Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Back to the Lino.

 As part of the series of monthly flower works this year, this third month features the Protea.  Previously I have made lino cuts of the Flame Tree & Bottlebrush, making both into cards from the final print. Here is the original lino fixed into a forme to keep it steady for printing.
 Just to see how it would work, I carved out the butterfly and have made a stamp of the butterfly to fit into the space. I have also carved individual Protea leaves, so it will all be combined into one image over the next few weeks. The ink that I used takes quite a few days to dry, so they will have to be set aside for now.
This is the reservoir of red ink on the white tile that I dipped into when rolling the ink out for printing. I really liked how it looked, especially the little zigzag line running down.

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