Monday, 12 March 2018


 Some years ago I bought several bottles of all the available colours of  Jacquard's SolarFast sun printing ink. I was not aware that it had a short shelf life of only 6 months once opened and 2 years if unopened, and it's been sitting in my collection of art materials for over the 2 year limit. I decided that I wanted to make some sunprints and was somewhat dismayed when the colours were dull and not at all what I wanted. Of course I went to the web site to find out why and discovered the life span of these inks, which is not written on the bottles.  I had lots negatives that I had made years ago, so I decided to use up the inks as best I could before they were totally useless! Above are 2 prints that are the inversion of each other. The mud colour is a bit dull, but might work as backgrounds.
 Again, one positive and one negative. The trees were made with the heads of fine 'shivery' grass, and the lightening was a digital brush.
The real reason I wanted to use the SolarFast was to make a piece for a specific exhibition that stipulated the use of the human body. Rather than join the ranks of people exhibiting nudes, I worked on a photo of a little swimmer, (who is now over 40 years old), jumping into a backyard swimming pool. I'm not quite sure where this is going, but we'll see.

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