Thursday, 22 March 2018

Sun Prints Part 2.

 With every day adding to the age of my hoarded sun printing inks, I grabbed the first available sunny day without wind to print off some more images, this time with pressed foliage rather than negatives. Melbourne is generally known for it's windy Spring, but this Autumn has been very windy too.
 Although I put a sheet of window glass over the items to be printed, I still don't want leaves or dust to be blown over the image. If you can look closely you can see where some of the leaves have tiny insect  holes nibbled in them and the light has made speckles on the blocked out areas.
 Here I tried some commercial skeletonised leaves with mixed success. They need to be very closely in contact with the paper to make a good print and the rest of them on this sheet of paper were indistinct due to them not being completely flattened by the glass. I really like this corner however.
 I have been pressing tendrils of various vines that I pick on my morning walk with the view to using them pressed, but they seem to make better contact with the paper when they are still soft and not quite dried out.
In the sun, the glass developed condensation on the underside and reacted with the ink in the corners of the paper, but it's quite interesting the way it's only in the corners.

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