Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Printing Session.

 I decided to mount the inner parts of the Bottlebrush flower onto a piece of acrylic to make the placement easier. I also made a 'forme' on the plate for the little printing press so that it would all line up accurately.
 I wasn't sure whether to print the red/pink colour first, or whether the back would be strong enough to print the colour on top of it. I was trying out various types of paper too, the cream ones here are a thick cotton printing paper and the white ones are multi media paper. I hadn't realised that the cream pieces were a little shorter than the white ones, so I got the placement of the first couple of prints wrong unfortunately.
 The main lino cut is also mounted on acrylic and fitted into the same 'forme' as the coloured sections.
 Here is the first of the series of combined prints, some of which are O.K and some of which aren't so good. I had trouble with the paper sliding slightly as it went through the press which gave me some blurry lines.
 In the end, I decided that the stamp ink over the lino print gave the best result, as it was less dense than the 'proper' printing ink and I preferred that look.
Here's the lino without the colour, which shows the difference between a stamp pad inked image that I made yesterday and one today using the correct printing ink.

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