Saturday, 31 March 2018

Double Sun Prints.

 The sun print above turned out to be unfortunate pink and purple colours, perhaps due to the age of the solutions. I may go ahead and paint over it to get rid of those colours, as it should have been orange not pink!
 I spent a couple of hours this afternoon over printing some of my previous sun prints, and I'm very happy with a lot of the results. This one above using pressed Grevillia leaves is my favourite from the session I think.
 I like parts of this one, but not as a whole piece. It seems to show seaweed under water ripples in some areas.
Because I'm mixing all sorts of colours to use them up before they are useless due to be so old, I'm getting a lot of mud colours. This one however picks the blue up nicely, providing a good contrast to the shades of brown.

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