Thursday, 18 January 2018

New Collograph Plate.

 Having been in the bush for a few days, I've collected up a number of natural materials for collagraph plate making. I've got tree bark of various types, lichen, grasses and leaves.
 Here is the start of a new image, with pieces of our native Paper Bark forming the basis of a whole tree. There is pressed lichen around the base of the tree and various pressed seed heads for the more distant vegetation.
     I want to convey the idea of a river or maybe a swamp with rocks, trees and grasses around it.
After 3 coats of shellac, I'll now let it all dry for a few days to harden before trying a print from it. I'm really experimenting here, as I have no idea if the thin bark that I used will have sufficient texture to suggest rocks, or if the idea of water will be evident. Even if the whole scene doesn't print well, I'm sure bits of it will be salvageable.

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