Monday, 4 December 2017

New Collograph Plates.

 Having decided that the previous plate that was very similar to this one just wouldn't do, I constructed this one to use instead, making very sure that I didn't have random brush marks in the sky area. Again I used bits of bark and sawdust with a little bit of oak flower debris. I can't print with it until it is well and truly sealed all over, including the edges once I have trimmed the vegetation back.
I was also keen to try some fine bits of tatty bark that I had found.  Most eucalypt leaves are very thick and robust to withstand our very hot dry summers, but these pieces came from a tree that produced very thin leaves with lots of raggy edges and textures.  Again, I have to wait for it all to dry after being sealed before I can see if the leaves print well. If they do, I'll have to see if I can find the same tree again and collect more leaves. The squiggly bits are my favourite oak flower debris, taken from a gutter where they had blown  during a recent spell of hot dry winds.

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