Saturday, 9 December 2017

Moth Play.

With just a short time for artwork today I started to play around with another idea that has been simmering in my mind for a while. Above are 3 of my moth drawings, each moth is quite asymmetrical.  I took half of each of the 2 larger moths duplicated just one side and merged them into one symmetrical image in Photoshop

 As you can see the first moth is so asymmetrical that the tip of the abdomen is bifurcated! easy enough to fix however in the next stage. The same thing has occurred in the second moth, and the abdomen has become just a little to fat as well.

Above is a scan of some fabric that I came across recently, which is a tessellated pattern of stylised moths. I'm not sure that I like the actual moth image, but I can admire the over all pattern. 

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