Friday, 29 December 2017

More Print Play.

The print below was made using a collagraph plate with various leaves and small seed pods glued onto it. I found the 'lace' leaves some time ago and had hoped that they'd make good print, but alas they are too thin and the lacy holes quickly clog up with ink. The print below is quite interesting however because of the colours, a mixture of black and brown.
                    This below is another attempt to get a good print, all black this time.
                               In this close up you can see the lacework holes in the leaf.
 As a last stand to get something worthwhile from the print session, I inked up the same plate, but pressed it over a previously made print of pieces of broken leaves. The original print was a bit too ordered, but is improved by the stamping over it, even though there is too much black in parts. This maybe another useful technique for adding more interest to a dull print. As always, a click on the image will give you a slight enlargement.

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