Wednesday, 1 November 2017


I was hesitating about throwing these prints out because of the waste of expensive printing paper, so I decided to paint the grasses and see what the image looked like.

 It is certainly an improvement, but I'm not sure how appealing such an image might be at an exhibition. I need some more contrasts or something.  Thinking............
                   You can of course click on the image for a slightly larger version.
This is a print using another collage plate that I wasn't happy with . It wasn't looking too bad until I made a bit of a mess in the lower middle. Perhaps I can chop out the better bits to use in something else ! I'm still not quite sure about painting the prints, but it's been an interesting exercise.


Mary said...

You have reminded me that the Banyule council has a yearly (bi-yearly?) works on paper exhibition. Entries come from all over the county. They have prizes too!
You should consider entering (if you haven't already).
The current exhibition is on in Ivanhoe at the moment, at the Hatch gallery.

mycamerandme365 said...

Thanks for the information Mary, I wasn't aware of that exhibition. I must check when it ends and see if I can get over there before it does.