Monday, 20 November 2017

New Collograph Plates.

 While I was away recently I keep on the lookout for suitable natural materials to try on collograph plates. I came home with several bags of bits and pieces to try. The plate above used sawdust on the light board mountain cut outs, with mulberry bark in the middle ground and finely chopped tree bark for the fore ground. All the material on the sealed plates have been glued into place, but not themselves sealed.
 Again I have used sawdust, this time for the fine tree leaves and strands of bark for the trunks. I have also added some dried oak tree flowers below.
For this one I crumbled some dried sphagnum moss, the sort of stuff that you get from a plant nursery, for the tree leaves, with several strands of worsted yarn for the trunk and branches, and with shredded bark for the grasses below. Unfortunately the dried moss has started to swell with the water in the glue, so I will have to see if I can flatten and seal it suitable for printing.

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