Sunday, 5 November 2017

Garden Pots.

This is a little corner of my back garden where lots of plants are in flower and where I seem to have a mini collection of earthenware pots. While they are a nuisance because they collect rainwater and provide a home for mosquito larvae, I really love the juxtaposition of plants and pots, as evidenced by some past embroideries of mine.
 I can't identify most of the plants here, but I do know that the front right are nasturtiums. The background is an automatic stitch on my sewing machine and the rest of the stitching is free motion machine embroidery.
Some years a group of 10 (I think) embroiderers from the Embroiderers Guild Victoria were nominated to take photos of a Melbourne garden, produce several textile works reflecting the garden and to mount an exhibition as a fund raiser. For quite what I have forgotten I'm afraid. The garden was open during some of the time that the exhibition was on, and it was all a great success, selling 40 of the 42 textile artworks that were on sale. This work above shows a corner of the house and some huge concrete pots.
 I loved this shady corner of the garden, with flowering hydrangeas reflecting the blue of the pot, orange abutilon and the large tree behind. I have no idea what the ground cover was, but it was very densely covering all the soil.


Mary said...

I love them, especially the middle one. Did you paint the pots or print them?

mycamerandme365 said...

It was a combination of both Mary. The one that you liked was mostly painted, the other 2 were printed and enhanced with paint.