Thursday, 30 November 2017


I was going through some of my old embroidery pictures today, deleting duplicates and generally tidying up, when I noticed how many pieces used imagery of doors or gateways. This below uses an old Art Nouveau window design with machine digitized and embroidered flowers on hand dyed fabric.
    Below is a wall painted with 'Puff paint' and machine embroidered 'slips' of flowers applied.
 Another painted wall and door with free machine embroidery.  This was a photo that I took of an old door behind a church somewhere in France.
 An imaginary wall below and a garden beyond with machine embroidered 'slips' of flowers and foliage.
 A painted cotton wall based on my photo of a church doorway in Sienna, Italy with machine embroidered details.
                  Another 'Puff' painted wall with machine embroidered foliage and details.

 Two more doorways that I photographed somewhere in Italy with machine embroidered vegetation.


catmint said...

Something tantalizing and promising about doorways. All your doorways are curved too, old fashioned,links to the past?

mycamerandme365 said...

Interestingly, that hadn't even occurred to me!
I suppose it's the old doors that appeal to me most from a design point of view.