Wednesday, 25 October 2017

That's More Like it!

I decided that the collograph plates needed more texture, so I coated each one in Gesso, then covered it under pressure with cling wrap.  The gesso didn't dry under the pressure, but did take up the texture from the plastic wrap which stayed there as it dried.
 The resulting prints are much more what I had in mind, but even so there is room for improvement!
 Plate one with just 3 heads of our native Kangaroo Grass, and some strands of mulberry bark teased out and added in the lower area.
 This is the print from the second plate with more grass seed heads and a little rub of yellow paint at the top. I like that the mulberry bark has taken up such a lot of ink, as it seems to anchor the larger grasses and give a good bit of contrast.
   This is the ghost print on a very much lighter weight paper, which gives quite a different effect.

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