Monday, 16 October 2017

Some Success, Some Not so Successful.

 Today I carved 3 versions of the Firewheel tree flowers, which turned out quite well. The ones at the top of the page are the first prints and the second and third are further cleaning up of the stamp.
 Not so successful was the Ulysses butterfly stamp. I chose that species of butterfly because of it's contrasting colours, and the fact that it occurs in the same tropical rainforest area as the Stenocarpus tree grows in.
I had a small piece of a different rubber variety to use, but it's so soft and buttery that I found it difficult to get good edges. Added to which, the veins of the butterfly's wings are really needed to break up the bright blue, but are very difficult to carve, especially with this very soft rubber. Not really usable I don't think. Back to the usual carving medium I think.

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