Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Another Idea.

 After deciding that the mud coloured background was too much of a contrast to the water images, I tried the paper mock-ups against an old piece of dyed and backed silk that I have had siting around for a couple of decades. I definitely prefer the lower contrast, but if I print the cracked mud stamp over the silk, it's getting into the realm of surrealism colour-wise!
 This is on another old piece of fabric, cotton this time that started out yellow, was rust dyed with various old bits of rusty metal (see the circular tin lid?) and then over dyed in green. There may be a bit of reddish dye used too, although I can't really remember. It might be a little too green, but much more interesting with the rust marks. I will have to avoid the circular piece though I think.
I wonder if I should dye the cotton a very pale turquoise, just to tone the green down a bit. I'll try the cracked mud stamp out on another similar fabric and see how it looks, maybe in the orangeish colour rather than the dark brown that I used on the Lutradur.

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