Saturday, 3 June 2017

Flower for May.

 Since I didn't visit any public gardens during May, or even visit a friend's garden, I decided to use my photo of the hibiscus from my own garden. Here I've assembled the various components of the flower which will be appliqued onto the background.
 The pink centre was painted and the piece placed upside down to encourage the pink colour to migrate down the white fabric.
 The individual petals were delineated with a narrow satin stitch and some creases in the large petals shown with machine stitching.
 The top of the central column of the flower which bears the stamens was worked in satin stitch.
 The stamens were add in free motion machine stitching with a very close zig- zag stitch for the yellow tips.
The background foliage in the garden was worked very roughly in free motion machine embroidery and the whole piece backed and the edge satin stitched. I wonder if I can find another spectacular flower for the June image, as it's now winter and not so many flowers are in bloom.

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