Thursday, 22 June 2017

Flower for June.

 This is the start of the flower for June, a bright pink Passion Flower. It isn't the edible variety of Passionfruit, although it does have small green fruit which never seem to change colour before they drop off the vine.
               A bit hard to decided which petals go under which and to layer them correctly.
 Although the actual flower doesn't have a dark blue centre, it appears that way because of the dark spiky bits around the centre. Some darker dark paint shadows here adds a bit more, but I think I'll need to add some lighter touches to some of the petals too.
                   Some of the central details added, the distinctive white pistil and some anthers.
 I don't think that the yellow is quite dark enough and I haven't as yet decided whether to use beads or more fabric applique to the ends of the stamens.

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