Saturday, 15 April 2017

Blood Lily.

 With a little time available this afternoon I returned to the Blood Lily panel and outlined all the petals in 3 different shades of red/orange in satin stitch.  Looking at the image, I realise that the front petal should have been behind the 2 on either side, but it's too late now!
 Stitching the central area in free motion embroidery backwards and forwards to give the impression of stamens.
 With white thread in the bobbin and a darker thread on top, the jerking of the fabric backwards and forwards draws up the white thread to give white speckles through the area.
Now with bright yellow and a really loose bobbin thread I can give more distinct yellow speckles for the tips of the stamens. I might need to add some fabric marker to give direction to the look of the stamens. I also intend adding some yellow beads to the foreground stamens...............I think.

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