Sunday, 5 March 2017

Nasturtium Post Card.

 I forgot to take any photos earlier in the process, but here you can see 2 of the flowers on each card still to be stamped. You can also see where I dropped the stamp, ink side down onto one of the cards.
How clumsy, and what a nuisance, as it was otherwise a good print.
 The background in yellow was a printed mini screen all about the naming and history of the nasturtium plant. It makes for a subtle but interesting background, especially as I chose to print the image in the opposite orientation to the text. An unexpected bonus is that the text shows through the inked leaves and to a lesser extent the flowers, giving them more interest too.
                             The name Nasturtium actually means 'nose-tweaker' apparently!
             Here you can see the text just showing through the inked leaves and flowers.
A batch of post cards finished, some on a white background and some on the heavy off white paper.
I  also decided against a printed border, as not only was the one I carved too heavy, but I never could get a nice even print. I've just used a marking pen and ruler to get a thin and subtle border.

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