Saturday, 25 February 2017

Next Step.

 I decided that it just wasn't going to work using the stamp that included all the elements, so I carved a separate stamp for all the green parts, that is the leaves and stems. I had tried to mask off either the flowers or the green bits, but I just couldn't get it all to line up correctly. Here I'm using the reverse of an old stamp, so the old glue marks are visible,
                            Now I have all the  elements of the image lined up ready to try out.
Much better, although still not quite the perfect alignment, but I'm not really striving for perfection, so a bit of obvious 'hand crafted' doesn't worry me at all. Next I'll try it all on some 'good' printing paper, perhaps something off white or yellow. I'm still using the test stamp pads here, so the next step will be to use printing ink on the 'good' paper.

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