Thursday, 9 February 2017

Mini Screen Prints.

 I decided to make some mini screens from the stamps that I have carved over the last month or so, mainly to resize them to fit a standard postcard size, and also to touch them up as well. Above are the ones that I think will be useful to resize and make screens from.
 Here is the first screen, with a print from it on the left and the original stamp on the right. The screen print is marginally larger, but the main difference is that I have duplicated the top seed capsule, rotated it and made it smaller to replace the original one on the stamp.  I was never happy with it, so this way I can improve it without carving another whole stamp.
 Here are some printouts of the screen on some cream coloured paper, as always, it's hard to get multiple copies that are perfect, or even near to perfect!
                                                     If only they were all like this one!

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