Sunday, 15 January 2017

Its Almost a Book!

Because of using mud as a paint for the background of the pages, I felt that I should seal the paper and prints against damp fingers that might handle it. I used a matte gel medium as I definitely didn't want a shine, but having said that, I found it difficult to photograph the drying pages because of glare.
Here are 4 double pages ready to dry over night, you can just see the white that I've used to bring up a few highlights. I started off using a lovely new white gel pen, but the fine grit of the mud-paint jammed up the rolling ball, so unfortunately I had to change to a white 'polychromes' pencil which didn't give anywhere near such a dense and fine line. Now to think about how I'm going to bind the pages into a book, and what sort of cover I'm going to make.

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