Sunday, 29 January 2017


 A few weeks back I went out with my secateurs and cut these large galls off a native Cherry tree. I assume that they are made by some insect or other, but these are very old and very dried out. I wanted to boil them up and use the 'juice' to add colour to my Coreopsis dyed fabric.
 While the galls were boiling away I spread out the still wet and mordanted fabric and sprinkled dried leaves over them and only bundled them loosely, as being so dry they would have cracked into tiny fragments had I tied it tightly.
 This is dried Mistletoe leaves and a few flowers. I believe that they might give a reddish colour.
 These fine Eucalypt leaves are a little fresher and as a consequence still retain their green colour.
                                             Wrapped bundles ready for the gall treatment.

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