Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Brachychiton Pods.

 These pods are from a Brachychiton tree, it's better known names are Kurrajong or Ilawarra Flame tree. The clusters of small bright scarlet flowers are followed by these very large pods full of seeds.
These 3 stamps should be enough to print to give me the characteristic bunch of pods, although I really need a small stem to hang them from. I think that there are only 3 species of Brachychiton, although I might be wrong.  One is the amazing Queensland Bottle tree and there also appears to be another one without a common name. It too is growing in a park nearby and I hope to be able to carve some stamps from it's pods too.  They are much shorter and fatter than these from the Kurrajong and the flowers are quite different, like little green bells with a purple spotted interior.

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