Saturday, 7 January 2017

Back to the Mud.

The pages of mud painted paper have been sitting on my desk for a few days while various ideas percolated as to where I was going with this project. My original idea was just to use the various carved stamps of native Australian seed pods directly on the painted paper, but the words 'mud map' kept popping into my mind. (A mud map is just a rough map of walking tracks and so on ) I then started to go with this idea and scanned a couple of maps of an area that has the same red soil as I was using to paint the paper and then tried to print the maps onto the papers. Not a good idea, not only did the printer refuse to print for all but 2 tries, but it then occurred to me that the fine bits of soil dust would do no good to the workings of my printer! And anyway, a mud-map is nowhere near as detailed as the maps that I was printing. Next idea, make up a mud-map and then make a thermofax screen (Gocco) of the map. Here is the computer printed double page, the rough mud- map and the screen.

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