Saturday, 3 December 2016


 There were still plenty more Coreopsis in the garden so I harvested another batch of slightly tatty flowers. I grabbed a bag of alum soaked fabrics from the box and spread out the flowers on it.
                          A sprinkle of rose petals on the Coreopsis and the cloth was folded over.
 More rose petals on the last fold and then it was all wrapped around a short piece of stick and secured with rubber bands.
When I unfolded the next piece of fabric I saw that it was one with a piece cut out of it and then I remembered that it was originally a cot sheet from the op-shop and it was probably a cotton polyester mix fabric. Oh dear, I don't imagine that the eco dyeing will work on a synthetic fabric. Anyway, I went ahead and covered this piece with dried Wormwood leaves and added it to the pot with the other bundles.

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