Monday, 14 November 2016

Some New Artwork.

 Some of these stamps I had carved some time ago, but the small Banksia cone is new for this project as are a couple of the smaller leaves. The branch below was also carved a few weeks ago, but today I removed one of the top branches, as it cut across the cone in an attractive way.
 Using several different shades of green I stamped variations of the leaf placements starting with the top pale green small leaves.
 I also tried different shades of paper too, as I wanted to use an existing frame with a cream mount board.
 I'm not keen on stark white or plain paper, so I first splattered the paper with a copper coloured paint.
 It was quite difficult to get a random spray with less in the middle and without too many large blobs of paint. The lower 2 leaves of this one are too symmetrical, but I could of course add another leaf.
 I tried a couple of different spray bottles, but they were about the same with their ink spray and coverage. I think that this one might be the one I'll use however.
                                           The white is too stark, even with paint splatters.

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