Thursday, 20 October 2016

Photoshop Play.

 I selected a portion of one of the Banksia cones and began playing with simple filters in Photoshop.
First however I duplicated the image, reversed one of them, and put the 2 together, giving a larger size and a symmetrical pattern. Somewhere along the line the original image changed into shades of blue.
 I then just worked my way through the list of filters to find something that produced an image that looked as thought it might be useful as a background for something else.
           I like the greater contrast of the first image, but the one above is quite appealing too.
               Although it has plenty of contrast, I don't think this one has much potential.
                                       This one looks as if it is some sort of weaving perhaps.
 This one might find itself as the back of a beetle! Don't forget that any of these can be enlarged a little by clicking on the image,.

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