Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Eco Dyeing.

 I have wanted to try eco dyeing for quite some time, but having been to a workshop on the subject recently I just had to have go at it. Here I've wrapped narrow gum leaves in a bundle ready to be boiled.
 Enough do you think? It took quite some hours to wrap all these bundles ready for the pot, each one with different leaves inside. Yes, I did make notes on which bundle contained which leaves!
 One last bundle, some Black Wattle (Acacia) leaves and flowers. This is just the very first layer, more will be added each time I fold the cloth over the previous layer.
Ready to put on to boil. The hardest thing will be waiting for over a week for the bundles to dry and to then be able to unwrap and see what marks, if any, I have achieved.

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