Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Colour Variation.

 The colours of today's photos are really odd, very pink! I set out to print some of the little 3 inch squares onto fabric, starting with an old piece of cotton that I had treated with Bubble Jet set some years ago. There result above is awful, too pale, too pink and too blurry. Maybe it has a shelf life!
 Here I've tried the same photo on commercially prepared fabric for printing, so much better, but still much too pink. After lots of manipulation in Photoshop I just couldn't get the colour range that I wanted, so I went ahead and printed several sheets anyway.
 Here I've used the darker print in the middle and the paler versions of each one around the sides.
The one in the middle of the left hand vertical row was done in reverse by mistake, never mind, it adds to the variety. These will eventually be used for a book cover, so not too many to make over all.

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