Monday, 18 July 2016

A Change of Theme.

 These are Soft-Cut stamps that I carved some years ago and having used them successfully in the past, I've decided to revisit the dandelion theme again this week for a postcard challenge.
 Using water colour paper I have stamped leaves and stems in different greens and as I don't have a yellow stamp pad as yet, the flowers and buds are orange. I'm not sure that I like the texture that the rough water colour paper gives to the stamps.
            This darker green gives more contrast to the leaves, but I don't know if that is what I prefer.
     I think that I'll try further stamping on a smoother surfaced paper, just to see what it looks like too.
An even lighter shade of green used here, with the addition of a silver dragonfly. This too is an old carved stamp which I've used many times. Perhaps I'll try this format of the leaves and flowers with the darker shade of green as the really light green is a bit too soft perhaps.

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