Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Now the Fun Part!

 I'm looking forward to making pieces of vegetation with different coloured flowers to go around the doorway in my wall. I've used the programmed stitches in varying sizes for the foliage, again on a piece of soluble fabric and because I wanted some of the leaves to hang over the edges of the doorway and off the sides of the canvas board, I also backed the piece with an old green chiffon scarf.
You can see the hemmed edge of the scarf on the right of the picture.
 I need to be aware of where the light is coming from in all these bits of embroidery. The shade is off to the right, so the leaves and the flowers will be darker in colour compared to those on the left
 That's about enough greenery I think, although I can add some more if it looks too sparse after the flowers are added.
                                             The flowers too need to be darker on the right.
Now to pin it all out and wash away the backing fabric.  The scarf of course will stay and I will need to cut it away from the edges very carefully to preserve the overhanging leaves.


Margaret Roberts said...

You are an inspiration Sue and have reminded me of the fun I always had messing about with the
embroidery module and not using the stitching for the intention they were meant for!

mycamerandme365 said...

Hi Mags, these leaves weren't done with the Bernina embroidery module, just the inbuilt stitches of the old Pfaff. You seem to be having a lot of fun with PSP these days.