Tuesday, 7 June 2016

At Last Some Stitching.

 With a less frantically busy week, I was able to get some stitching done on one of my current pieces of work. Here I've started to make a leafy background to go behind the opening in my stone wall.

 I'm thinking that the wall would cast a shadow at the top and bottom of the vegetation, with the middle section being a brighter green in the lighter middle area. The stitching is all free motion embroidery with the feed dogs down and  with a darning foot on the machine
           With all the stitching done it is now time to dissolve away the backing water soluble fabric.
 I've carefully pinned all the edges out so that they won't shrivel up in the water, although I would expect some shrinkage. I use a piece of polystyrene covered in plastic wrap to pin the piece onto, the plastic film is to stop the glue residue from the fabric pulling pieces out of the polystyrene, as I have had happen on another occasion.
                                                               All washed out and dry.
Here I've glued it onto the previously painted piece of cardboard, and unfortunately, judging by the white pencil marks it isn't quite big enough, or in other words, it shrunk more than I expected. I'm sure that I have some left overs from another work that I can use to extend this up and down, as the width looks to be about right.

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Mary said...

Another great tip about the drying process. I have had that happen too, it is very annoying.