Sunday, 24 April 2016

New Fern Gully Walk.

 The Botanic Gardens here in Melbourne has had a Fern Gully for many decades, but recently the area has been getting very tired looking and the hordes of people wandering through not always staying on the designate paths hadn't helped.  Nor had the 300 or so large fruit bats landing and taking off, breaking branches and leaving their smelly droppings on the path helped either. As a protected species it was a difficult decision to move them on, but with the aid of lights and loud noises they were persuaded to move to another area up the river.
 The gardeners then had the huge job of restoring the Fern Gully, and in fact they have made it so very much nicer than it ever was I think. They have added a metal boardwalk to keep visitors off the plants, redesigned the wandering creek and have opened up more of the area to new plantings
Now it's an oasis of lovely ferns and rain forest plants, and with the trickling of the water as a background noise together with the various bird sounds, it's just beautiful.

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