Friday, 22 April 2016

Gelatine Printing......Again.

 I needed a break from my current project, so I got out my trusty home-made gelatine plate for another printing session. I had a lot of dry pressed 'shivery grass' that I wanted to try for printing as it tends to suggest trees which I wanted. However the grasses were so dry that pieces kept falling off and getting stuck in the paint on the plate.
    This makes little white dots everywhere, but in the end I decided that I quite liked the effect.    
           However, it's hard to pick the tiny seeds off the gelatine without making a little hole.
 Having had enough of the dry grasses I tried out some fresh leaves, in this case geranium leaves, and they worked quite well using either side.
 All these prints will of course be either over printed with my hand carved stamps, or played around with in Photoshop, like the one below.
I've added stamps of grasses and a tiny owl on a branch in the print below.
                 These last 2 prints are simple Inversions in Photoshop, from orange tones to blue.

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