Thursday, 28 April 2016

Final Placement.

After much moving around of the stems and flower heads I've decided that this is it. I have stitched down all the elements, although that can't be seen in the photo. It was quite easy to actually stitch through the acetate, but since it's stuck to a cardboard frame I've had to stitch from the bottom of the stems up for the items on one side and the top down on the other so as to be able to move the work under the sewing machine. Bottom up is fine, but starting at the narrow points of the stems with a couple of backwards stitches first is pretty tricky. I did do quite a few trial pieces to get the tension right, but even so there are plenty of loopy stitches on the back. I can't decide whether to glue down the rest of the flower heads, or to leave them loose apart from where I have continued the stem stitching.

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