Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Fern and Acetate.

 We were so impressed with the re-development of the Fern Gully that I posted about last time, that we decided to donate this Elk Horn fern of ours to the Botanic Gardens.  It's huge as you can see and will really fit into the theme of the Fern Gully. The staff were delighted to have it and took it away with them today on the tray of a truck.
 Besides fern gardening I'm still busy with my current project. Here I'm laying out the stems on a piece of acetate prior to stitching them down.  I did do a trial to see if it was possible to stitch into this medium weight acetate, and it works well, just as long as I don't want to re-position a stem, as of course any prior stitching leaves needle holes.
        I'm not sure about the placing of the flower heads yet, but this looks more or less O.K.

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