Saturday, 26 March 2016

The New project.

 Using the scan of the dragonfly wings that I found attached to a dead dragonfly some weeks ago, I have made a couple of screens of different sizes showing a saxophone with the wings attached. I want to print these images over a background of light coloured notation.

Unfortunately none of the papers that I printed recently are of any use, as the screen with the notation was not aligned properly.  I have had to prepare some new papers, with carefully measured spaces for the notation screen. I really liked the off white colour of the earlier papers, but I have had to make do with white, as I can't get any more of the off white at the moment.


Mary said...

This all sounds so complicated! I haven't used thermofax screens before. I am not fully understanding what you are hoping to achieve, so I will be interested to follow the steps.
Happy Easter

mycamerandme365 said...

Unfortunately the 'old' way of making the screens, which is what I have done here, is not going to be possible for much longer. The equipment is no longer being made and the light bulbs and screens are getting more expensive and harder to source. I had a screen made commercially at $20 for the whole page, but it's not very well made and is wrinkled allowing the ink to be printed where I don't want it. The alternative is a designated Thermofax machine, but at somewhere around $3000.00 I won't be buying one!
Happy Easter to you too, enjoy what is left of the 'down time'.